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Evolution Pro 2

The KIDDY Evolution Pro 2 is a versatile infant carrier. The baby travels in an upright position in the car, but upon arrival at your destination, the handlebar can be moved backwards, thus pushing the underlying frame to push the baby upwards into a lie-flat sleeping position. The baby can then continue to sleep in the infant carrier with no time restrictions on use. 

The Evolution Pro 2 is a comfortable seat for a newborn baby. The inlay with its head support, keeps your little one in the correct position in the centre of the seat. Padded harness pads keep the three point adjustable harness comfortable next to your child. The large hood protects the child from the sun and wind, as they nestle inside the sturdy seat shell. The underlying breathable mesh allows for air flow around the baby which will keep them cool on a hot day, or will help to keep them warm in winter.

Lie-flat travel is healthy and safer for a young baby. After being in the womb, the baby needs time to unfurl and allow their body to grow during undisturbed sleep. Being laid flat allows the baby's internal organs to fully expand and grow; their spine to stretch and develop properly; and maintains an open airway, thus ensuring good blood oxygen saturation levels to the body and brain.

The Evolution Pro 2 is easy to fit into the car using either the seat belt - which has a clear and simple belt route; or by using the KIDDY Isofix Base 2 - which gives a secure base onto which the Evolution Pro 2 can be quickly attached and detached.

The Evolution Pro 2 is designed to support your child and keep them safe within the seat shell should you be involved in an accident. This amazing car seat been tested by Which? whose report can be found here.

Patented KIDDY Lie-Flat (KLF) Technology - allows the baby to be laid flat outside the car. This reduces the risks associated with traditional upright infant carriers. 

Kind on the back: A soft, supportive sleeping position thanks to the lie-flat shock-absorbing slatted frame.

Lie-flat also gives maximum body support and air circulation around the baby to keep their temperature stable. 

Integrated multi position large sun hood: Offers good shade and creates a pleasant environment for the baby.

Safe for use in cars: Simple attachment using the Isofix Base 2 or using a seatbelt.

Suitable for use as a travel system: the lie-flat option means there are no limits to use on a pushchair chassis, making the Evolution Pro 2 a healthy way to get around - without a guilty conscience!

Extra soft padded textile inlay: The baby feels cosy and secure.

Durable cover: easy to replace and washable.

14 different colour options: personalise to suit your style.

Dimensions: H44 x W 66 x D 62. Weight approx 4.5kg

Evolution Pro 2 £149.99

Isofix Base2 £109.99

Evoluna i-Size with ISOFIX Base 2 included

The KIDDY Evoluna i-Size infant carrier has been approved to meet the new ECE R 129 ('i-Size') safety standards and provides maximum protection for a baby or young toddler up to 15 months of age. The Evoluna i-Size is packed with state of the art technology to protect a child in the event of an impact, but also to protect their health and development. This offers the child all round protection, with double the peace of mind for you. 

This ultimate in child safety has been proven in independent tests by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest where the Evoluna i-Size was declared the test winner (05/2016). The quality seal 'very good' is the first one awarded to a child's car seat since the new stricter testing programme was introduced in 2015. The safety experts certified that the Evoluna i-Size is especially safe in the event of a frontal or side crash. The Stiftung Warentest and ADAC testers concluded that the Evoluna i-Size is a: “Very good infant carrier with ECE-R 129 (i-Size) safety approval, with an Isofix base that can be left in the car and onto which the carrier can be installed simply and quickly. To improve comfort for the baby, the carrier can be shifted to a lie-flat position.” 

The KIDDY Evoluna i-Size is a generous sized seat, and was the first infant carrier to pass the i-Size safety standard testing with the Q1.5 dummy. Your baby will be able to comfortably stretch out rear facing until they reach the mandatory 15 months of age, without the requirement to purchase an additional rear facing seat, as is necessary with some competitors infant carriers.
Why buy two seats, when just one will do?

The Evoluna i-Size is the only i-Size lie-flat infant carrier in the world. The seat can be moved into a healthy lie-flat position which keeps the infant's head, neck and body inline, and maintains an open airway. This lie-flat position facilitates maximum blood oxygen saturation and give optimal support to the baby's developing spine, neck and back as they stretch out after months curled up in the womb. This lie-flat position can be used in the car, on a pushchair, or on the floor next to you. For older babies, there is an upright seating position, which allows the child to sit up when awake, and watch the world go by. 

The Evoluna i-Size is also a comfortable seat for a little one. The deeply padded inlay and head support will cradle your infant in the correct travelling position. The three point harness has 5 shoulder height positions to ensure a perfect fit, whilst padded shoulder and crotch pads add comfort. The breathable slatted base allows good air flow around the child, so that they stay warm in winter, but cool in summer. The large sun hood protects your child from the sun and wind, whilst your baby nestles inside the protective double walled shell, with its enhanced side impact protection, and its memory foam energy absorbing head support. A KIDDY ISOFIX Base 2 is included with the Evoluna i-Size, in the box, to ensure a safe and secure fit in the car.

Maximum safety, maximum comfort, and perfect protection - all in one infant carrier

NEW ECE R 129 ('i-Size') safety certified.

NEW Side impact shock absorber.

NEW Improved thick padded memory foam head support and seat inlay.

Lie-flat sleeping position - both inside and outside the car. A safer, healthier way for a baby to travel. Lie-flat reduces the risks associated with conventional upright infant carriers.

Comfortable seat with soft padded newborn inlay to keep the baby safe and secure.

Generous integrated sun hood protects a baby from sun and wind and creates a cosy environment for rest and sleep.

Patented Kiddy Lie Flat (KLF) Technology: perfect ergonomic body support for a baby.

Shock absorbing slatted frame which allows air to circulate thus helping a baby to regulate their temperature.

The ISOFIX Base 2 is included in the Evoluna i-Size box and must be used with the Evoluna i-Size in the car. 

Compact: only one car seat space is required.

Fits a wide variety of pushchairs to form a travel system. Use your car seat like a carrycot with no time constraints. The baby is laid flat to maintain an open airway and facilitate healthy growth.

Easily removed hard wearing, washable cover.

Eight brilliant colours - to brighten up every day. 

Dimensions H 44 x W 66 x D 62 cm. Weight approx 4.9 kg 


Kiddy ISOFIX Base 2

The KIDDY ISOFIX Base 2 is designed to be used with the KIDDY infant carriers. The ISOFIX Base 2 enables super fast fitting and removal of the KIDDY Evolution Pro 2, KIDDY Evoluna i-Size or the KIDDY Evo-lunafix.

The base fits securely to the ISOFIX connectors in a car to ensure a firm base for your KIDDY infant carrier to be mounted. The base then remains in your car, or at the click of two buttons it can be quickly transferred into another car. 

The ISOFIX Base 2 can be adjusted lengthways for a perfect fit, and the adjustable leg ensures a firm foundation onto the floor of the car which stops any dangerous rotation in the event of an impact. Three coloured indicators confirm that the base is correctly positioned for travel.

The Evolution Pro 2 can be securely fitted using the car seat belt, however, we always recommend the ease and additional safety of an ISOFIX base. It enables a fast fit and removal of the seat, making day to day getting in and out of the car a breeze. Using such a secure platform gives you peace of mind that your baby will be secure whilst travelling.

The ISOFIX Base 2 is included in the box with the Evoluna i-Size and the Evo-lunafix. However, the ISOFIX Base 2 is also available as an optional accessory to purchase for a second car.


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